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Use it or Lose It: Maximize Your Child’s Dental Insurance

October 19, 2023

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A young boy receiving care from a dentist

With dental insurance, you may think more about your own coverage. That’s only natural – people want to save money on their smile’s care. Still, is your child covered under your current policy? If so, you should maximize their dental insurance benefits as well. That approach gives them a healthy grin at a low cost for the whole family. Fortunately, your Garland pediatric dentist can offer some pointers. Here are four ways to get the most from your kid’s dental coverage.

Book Twice-Yearly Checkups

While your child’s smile may seem healthy, you can never be too careful. They should attend twice-yearly dental checkups. These visits are the best form of preventive care, and most dental plans fully cover them.

In particular, have your child get two dental checkups per year. Doing so lets a pediatric dentist examine the mouth for cavities, gum disease, etc. This setup also ensures your kiddo gets a thorough teeth cleaning. That way, plaque missed by home oral care is removed before it can affect anything.

Get Fluoride Varnish

Though they aren’t permanent, baby teeth need proper protection. So, ensure your child gets fluoride varnish by the end of the year. This treatment is preventive, and dental insurance will often cover its whole cost.

Fluoride varnish is a painless material painted over one’s teeth. It sinks into and protects the enamel layer, reducing the risk of tooth decay. Depending on a child’s oral health, the varnish can be applied 2-4 times yearly. With some kinds, the patient may have to refrain from sticky or crunchy foods until the following morning.

Remember Dental Sealants

Back teeth don’t tend to be visible, but even they can get cavities. That being the case, your kiddo should receive dental sealants (if they haven’t already). The latter is protective and thus fully covered by most dental plans.

Like fluoride varnish, dental sealants are liquid coatings painted onto teeth. However, said coatings are only placed on the molars and premolars. They’re then cured and hardened to shield back teeth from harmful bacteria. (Also, dental sealants offer more protection than fluoride varnish. They can last for years at a time.)

Consider X-Rays (If needed)

Not every tooth problem is visible to the naked eye. Therefore, consider whether your child needs dental X-rays this year. These images are a great diagnosis tool and are covered by dental policies.

You see, dental X-rays are crucial for kids at certain life stages. They let dentists check how teeth are forming, as well as whether there are hidden issues. If your child is of the right age, they should get such X-rays every six to eighteen months.

Using the methods above, you can maximize your child’s dental insurance benefits. Just remember to get the right treatments before their coverage ends!

About the Practice

The Dental Specialists Pediatric Dentistry is based in Garland, TX. Led by its three excellent dentists, our practice is eager to make your child’s smile healthy. To that end, we offer preventive, cosmetic, and restorative services, as well as emergency care. Our team can also provide dental sedation for children with dental anxiety. For more details or to book a visit, you can reach us on our website or by phone at (504)-584-4225.

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