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Frequently Asked Dental Questions - Garland, TX

Ask a
Pediatric Dentist

As a parent, we know you probably have a lot of questions regarding your child’s dental care, and we’re more than happy to answer them! You’ll find answers to some of our most popular questions below, but if there is anything else you’d like to ask, you’re always invited to give us a call.

When should my child visit the dentist for the first time?

Our dentists (along with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists) recommend that every child should have their first dental appointment scheduled as soon as their first tooth appears, or no later than their first birthday. This quick exam allows our team to make sure your child’s smile is starting on the right track, plus we can give you tips on how to take care of their incoming teeth.

My child sucks their thumb. Should I be worried?

For infants, thumb sucking is a perfectly normal behavior, and most children stop on their own around age 3 or 4. However, if your child continues this habit past the age of 4, it could lead to serious dental alignment issues down the road. If you need help getting your child to stop, just contact our team, and we’ll help you using strategies that have worked for countless other children.

My child has a toothache. What should I do?

First, take a look to see if anything is stuck between their teeth. If there is, floss the area and have them rinse vigorously. If this doesn’t help, or if nothing seems to be wrong with the tooth, go ahead and give us a call. Even minor dental pain could be a sign that a serious issue is developing, but we can take care of it right away with an emergency appointment.

Should my child use a manual or electric toothbrush?

Both kinds of toothbrushes are very effective at removing plaque and food debris when used correctly, but we’ve found that children tend to enjoy using electric toothbrushes more. This often makes them more enthusiastic to brush regularly, plus electric brushes do most of the work, ensuring the teeth ultimately end up clean. However, if your child has a manual brush and their oral health is fine, there’s no need to change.

My child hates going to the dentist. Can you help?

We’re sorry to hear that! We’ve worked with a lot of children over the years who aren’t exactly fans of dental care, and thanks to our board-certified pediatric dentists, our team knows how to help every little patient stay calm and cool during their appointments.

My child’s tooth is loose. Should I pull it out?

It’s best to let nature take care of a baby tooth, as trying to pull one too early may be painful and unsuccessful. Wiggling it a little bit can help speed the process along, but resist the urge to remove it yourself.