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Careful Restorative Dental Care for Children

Sometimes no matter how much preventative dental care your child receives, they may still require restorative dental care to restore damaged teeth back to good health. Most restorative dental procedures are completed while your child is awake, though nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is available upon request to help your child feel less anxious and/or more comfortable. From white fillings and stainless-steel crowns to dental extractions and pulpotomy, The Dental Specialists – Pediatric Dentistry provides many restorative dental services for our Garland-area patients.

group of four kids smiling for camera

White Fillings

If our office notices any signs of decay or a cavity, a filling may be recommended after the decay has been removed to close up the tooth. Striving to only remove the decay without compromising tooth structure, our office uses a tooth-colored resin in our fillings that looks more natural. White fillings will keep your child’s beautiful smile the same as before treatment, and they’re also smaller and easier to place. No more silver fillings with mercury being used in our office! Nitrous oxide and anesthetic may be needed for this treatment.

Stainless-Steel Crowns

Sometimes if a filling isn’t a sufficient restoration or your child’s tooth is cracked or broken, a crown will need to be placed. Our office uses stainless-steel crowns, a.k.a. SSCs, which can be placed in just one visit and have been proven to be among the best restoration techniques for baby (primary) teeth.

Dental Extractions

Occasionally, extractions are needed due to infection, abscess or trauma. During this procedure, we take your child’s comfort into consideration and place topical anesthetic (numbing gel), which is used before a local anesthetic. If necessary, nitrous oxide may be used to help your child feel more comfortable.

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Just like adult teeth, baby teeth can sometimes get infected or damaged and may require a root canal in order to save the tooth. Remember, baby teeth have a purpose so saving them is important. Baby teeth maintain the space needed for adult teeth. If your child needs a root canal, don’t panic and rest assured that we’ll take great care of them, making them comfortable throughout the procedure.

Dental Extractions for Orthodontics

Sometimes baby and permanent teeth extractions may be needed before orthodontic treatment. Topical anesthetic (numbing gel) is used before a local anesthetic is applied. Nitrous oxide may also be used. We understand how emotional this procedure can be, but we’re trained to ensure that your child is kept comfortable and happy throughout their visit.

Schedule an Appointment

Does your child require restorative dental care in the Garland area? Contact The Dental Specialists – Pediatric Dentistry to schedule their next dental appointment. If your child requires a pulpotomy or a tooth extraction, the best way to keep them calm is for you to remember to remain calm. We also recommend bringing a “comfort” item (favorite blanket or stuffed animal) with your child. Once the procedure is complete, your child should be ready to go home and resume normal activities unless sedation or anesthesia was used during the procedure. Please reach out to us should you ever have any questions or concerns about our restorative dental procedures!


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